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Raissa tries to remain calm with her husband, but she eventually refuses to hold in her feelings. Better Essays words 1. Grief has the power to make the strongest person helpless.

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For an individual to share their grief they receive a sense of compassion instead of endlessly searching for answers. Chekhov illustrates the difficulty Iona faces to communicate his sufferings to the various people he speaks to as a sleigh driver Better Essays words 3 pages. Every human he comes in contact with blatantly ignores his badly-needed-to-tell-story by either shunning him or falling asleep.

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There is, however, one character in this story that would willingly listen to Iona, a character who is with Iona through almost the entire story. This character is his mare.

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Renato Poggioli describes the story as being built "around two motionless figures, an animal and a man" Better Essays words 3. Chekhov was a very pertinent writer during the Victorian Era.

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Born in , he started writing during a critical time for authors of his kind - those that focused on the most practical details of actual human life through writing, the people who expressed their realistic outlooks on the world as they knew it without holding back. Dmitri Gurov is a banker from Moscow who is fascinated by the appearance of a woman who happens to be walking alone, along the sea of Yalta. Gurov is a married man who also happens to have kids but unfortunately, he despises his wife whom he characterizes as ignorant Chekhov, Better Essays words 4.

Better Essays words 6 pages. Gurov is a banker in Moscow who was married at a young age, and never truly loved his wife. Thus, he had been unfaithful to her for a long time. While Anna, who lived in S also felt that her marriage was a mistake, but was faithful until she arrived at Yalta. Better Essays words 2. The character has lost his son; to an untimely death and he is having a difficult time coping with his lost. The brutality of the world is revealed through the passengers that Iona drives around.

No one is willing to listen to Iona despite the continuous efforts made by him which make his need to talk very obvious.

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After being disappointed by the apathetic behavior of the surrounding public, Iona decides to go home early. As Iona reaches home, another part of his misery is revealed which is poverty.

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As Iona realizes that he will never find a person who would care about his misery or even pretend to do so, he decides to share the memories of his son with is a white mare, which is not able to speak but is always by his side. Let's see if we can help you!

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The ending of the story is rather sad because Iona fails to find even a single human being to share his grief and has to settle with an animal. Though Iona is relieved to be able to finally talk to someone the fact remains that it is an animal with which Iona shares his feelings and not a human being who can understand the grief and respond to it.

Even though Iona feels better the reader is left upset. The theme of the story is of misery as the title suggests and loneliness. This is true as Iona is struggling in the story to find a person to talk to about his deceased son but is ignored by the rude public.

The saddest part of the story is that people continue to ignore even after he tells them that his son has died. It is one thing when a person does not know, but deciding to ignore Iona even after knowing about his misery brings forth the dark side of humans. Though it is not a bad thing to converse with animals, the reason why Iona does is different.

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He does it because he could not find a person even after trying so hard. Though he encountered many people none of them were willing to listen to the sled driver. The brutality and rudeness of people toward Iona are rather horrifying, heartbreaking, and deeply felt by the reader.