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After that I was able to watch any horror film that life threw at me. With this life changing event slowly happening in my life, I began to realize that it wasn't my fear of horror movies and their characters that frightened me, they were the effect. The cause of my scaredy-cat status was my fear of the dark.

Going into the basement, looking out the window at night when it was pitch black, even hearing the crickets chirping scarred me drastically. But, after watching the films, I was confident in vanquishing my fears, slowly but surely. Now, I can fight Freddy.

I can outrun Michael Myers. I can even stop Chucky from possessing innocent souls to become human again. Why you ask? I finally learned how to unmask the evil in the dark. I can prevent horrible curses from reliving its prophecy. With my fears vanquished, the supernatural cannot harm me. As an eighteen year old young adult, I look back and laugh at how scarred I was of things that never existed. Only in movies and in the imagination of everyday people did my fears exist. I no longer fear the shadows that lurk in the night. However, the constant exposures to my fear in my childhood made me grow up to become brave.

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Growing up, I learned that the people who are timid in life know true courage. I believe this statement because without it, I would be paralyzed where I am and would be unable to fight what is now my fears. He never gives a response and does not even look at them as they yell and scream in front of him. My dad is almost blue in the face from the effort. What are they saying? What was that about drugs? That really sent my panic going.

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What stupid thing did Joseph do now? Almost 7 years my senior….

Fear is a displeasing emotion that is caused by the thought that something or someone dangerous is a threat or believed to cause pain. We all show fear in our own way.

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Everybody is afraid of something. No one takes joy in this emotion. A huge question is does fear change with age, and how do we overcome it? When we are afraid we go in a flight or fight mode. Meaning that we are ready to take down the object that is frightening us or were about to run from…. However, for individuals with phobias - intense, irrational fears of specific objects or situations - fear is a consistently unpleasant part of their everyday lives. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that approximately During the campaign to the Lonely Mountains, Bilbo has stepped up and saved the dwarves from getting executed from the gigantic, blood-sucking spiders.

They quickly gave way, and he scrambled and fell down the tree right into the middle of those on the ground" Tolkien leaving Bombur safe and had the…. The strong morals demonstrated…. Imagine the trauma that would have been placed upon each of the champions if another had died while completing this task—they would be overwhelmed by such depression and fear that not having any trauma related repercussions from it would be impossible.

We all have fears, but are they necessarily strong enough to cause us problems?


Walking briskly along the pond trail to keep warm, hiding that she did not want to be there. She knew that I loved to come look at the pond in the winter, and she braved the weather because of my birthday. I looked up with my curious eyes, trying to figure out why it was that the ducks left in the winter, why the water looked hard, and how people walked on the water like in the Bible Good Essays words 3. From the beginning of time, as we cocooned ourselves in our cave dwellings early precursor of the gated community , and trembled at the prospect of roving sabre toothed tigers, passing storms, and even clouds crossing the face of the moon, fear has been our constant companion.

It has been fear of one kind and another that has been responsible for all of the wars, laws and technological developments that have shaped and guided our great civilizations Sometimes I have trouble sleeping. I lie in bed for hours while my mind churns through endless streams of fragmented thoughts and memories, bits of brain matter that I do not have time for in my waking life. I have tried the homeopathic remedies. Free Essays words 9 pages.

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He would jump off the Eiffel Tower if he got the chance. If I were to turn my head around I would see the large speeder boat the car was pulling behind it. We were on our way to the Delta Marina. Our plan was to go tubing in the water Free Essays words 3.

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The water was so cold I felt every drop of icy ocean water squirming through my wetsuit. We were a few hundred feet from the shore, bobbing in the water like giant fishing lures. I thought back to my dive training and forced myself to believe what I was told. You're going to love this, it will change your life forever. You will never be the same, resonated through my head. These were the words my gray-haired, year-old, diving instructor said exactly one week ago My Fear- Personal Narrative Essay.

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