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If you need assistance, there are many resources available to assist you with your writing. There are PhD thesis deadlines each term in order to guide students through each step of the examination process. The objective is to help students meet requirements for specific program end dates or for graduation ceremonies.

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If you are a doctoral student or research supervisor looking to plan a final examination within the next year, please use the following material for guidance. First, review the PhD Thesis handbook, which describes each step in the examination process, and then prepare a plan of action using our example timeline and checklist. Doctoral Thesis Deadline Calculator : Use this calculator to determine when specific tasks should be completed in order to defend your PhD by a particular examination date.

Each student in a doctoral program is required to prepare a written research proposal and pass a candidacy exam.

How to oppose and defend a master thesis

Full-time students are normally expected to do this within 18 months of their initial registration. The examination is to determine whether the student has the appropriate knowledge and expertise to undertake a thesis in the selected field of study.

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Each program may have slightly different requirements for the PhD Candidacy for example, comprehensive exam. In addition to the three forms for faculty noted above, the student's supervisory committee must first complete the Recommendation to Transfer from Master's to PhD form.

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PhD thesis and candidacy. Templates and formatting The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies SGPS requires discipline-specific standards with respect to thesis format including electronic format , organization, manuscript co authorship and any other requirements. Timelines and deadlines There are PhD thesis deadlines each term in order to guide students through each step of the examination process.


The objector elaborates a written review of the final thesis. The deadline for submitting the diploma thesis is September 30th of the current academic year. The term for the defense of the thesis is last week in October and two first weeks in November of the current academic year. The defence of the final thesis is considered to be a state exam.

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The result of the final thesis defence shall be evaluated by the grades from A to Fx. About the result of the final thesis defence decides the commission by voting. The final thesis can be elaborated in the Slovak, Czech language or another language, usually English, if the Dean approves it. In case of a thesis written in another language, this thesis shall contain a summary in the Slovak language in scope of one page at least.

Changing the thesis topic will only be possible by the end of the winter semester of the academic year in which the student is enrolled in the fifth class.

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The student must request the change in writing form. Because the degree documents diploma, certificate, Diploma Supplement are pulled with the data from the AIS, it is extremely important that the topic of theses are written correctly. The topic in the English language is written with a capital letter in all fully significant word, except conjunctions and prepositions, which are written with a small initial letter.

In the same date September 30th, is student required to uploaded electronic version of diploma thesis to the AIS2. Format of diploma thesis has to be PDF instruction to transfer text to PDF , including all attachments, if the thesis consists.

Thesis Defense - How Does It Go?

File cannot be password protected and it has to be convertible to the plain text. Electronic version of the diploma thesis has to be identical with the printed version.

Before you upload your diploma thesis to the AIS2 is necessary, that your supervisor confirm your final version and give permission for submitting of your diploma thesis. When you will be sure, that your version is the last and you do not need to do any changes, mark in AIS2 your diploma thesis as a final. You can do it only ONCE!