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In the city there is always something going on with sirens going off or just the cars flying by on the freeway. It's not a safe environment for kids or pets. With cars flying down the freeway, a kid or pet could get run over and get seriously injured or killed. Also the school environment for the kids has fewer opportunities because there are more kids in the city.

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In the city the teachers have less of a one on one relationship with the children. Furthermore in the city there is just a view of street lights and buildings. There are no stars visible in the city.

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The rapid economic growth in many countries has led to widening gap between cities and rural areas. One of the most controversial issues rising today is which place is better to live. I think everything has 2 sides, both the city and the countryside have the advantages and disadvantages.

There is also many places to visit like museum and monuments. The other main points explaining the trend of a lot of people migrating into big cities are education and workforce. Infrastructure as well as the conditional study is invested heavily. The prestigious universities always located in the big cities.

On the other hand, living in a city has some drawbacks. Many families and individuals find themselves at some point questioning the advantages of city living versus country living.

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It is nearly impossible to find a good answer to this question. What is good for one person might not be good for another. Some people enjoy the busy, hyper active life of the city where they can use all conveniences and have limitless opportunities for work and relaxation. At the same time, other people feel the desire to be closer to nature. They take pleasure in living in the calm and peaceful environment of the countryside and spending their free time riding four-wheelers, having bonfires, and going horse-back riding. Out in the country it is very quiet. You can quickly get to where you need to go, because fewer people means less traffic.

Most people live on five or more acres, so your neighbors can not bother you if they are a loud bunch. There are lots of places that you can ride four-wheelers, have bonfires, go horse-back riding, and tons of other things. The smell of fresh cut grass and being able Living In The Country Vs. Living In A Big City Living in the country or in a rural are is much better all the way around than living in a big city. Hope's article "Rural- Urban Differences In Reasons For Living " , residents living in regional cities and urban areas reported fewer reasons to stay alive than those in regional towns and rural areas.

People in urban environments reported less survival and coping beliefs when faced with a suicidal crisis, less responsibility and concern for their families and children, and fewer moral objections to the act of suicide. People in rural areas reported more positive reasons to live such as family and child related concerns, etc.

Therefore, it is a beneficial discovery that people living in rural areas and towns that are less populated are at an advantage during a suicidal crisis, due to the lack of suicidal tendencies. Comparison and Contrast Eng. City Living There are many advantages and disadvantages of choosing to live in the country or to live in a city ; such as social setting; air quality; employment; and entertainment.

The advantages of living in a city outweigh the advantages of living in the country.

When living in the country there are fewer people to interact with compared to city living. Your closest neighbor may be a mile or more away and there are not as many people to meet and converse with. Often in the country everybody knows everybody, there are no new people to meet because a lot of the families have lived in the area for generations.


In the country, there is less cultural diversity compared to city living. In a city there are more people than one could possibly ever know. There are many new people to meet and get to know if you choose to do so. Some people may prefer to keep to themselves and others like to be around a lot of people. Personally, I love to be around people of all walks of life. I love meeting new people, finding out where they are from, where they work and their interests.

Many people, when moving to a new area, migrate toward a metropolis instead of the country. Sign Up. Sign In. Sign Up Sign In. A suicide bomber had rammed an explosive laden vehicle in to the office of the Crime Investigation Department. Two miles away, sitting in the call room of the Civil Hospital Karachi, I felt the tremor and heard the loud bang. We decided to help the victims at the site of the blast and reached within minutes. Better Essays words 3. A predominantly Muslim country located in Southern Asia it has had a history rife with terrorism and religious extremism.

The roots of which can be traced primarily to the Soviet-Afghan war of A direct consequence of the war would be the promotion of radical Islam and a militant culture.

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The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, and the subsequent War On Terror would bring Pakistani support of and involvement in terrorist activities to international focus Better Essays words 5 pages. Could it be ignorance stemming from lack of education.

The prime vital issue of the nation's education has from the birth of the country been the last on the lists of priorities of all our governments. The majority of the ministers who have been given the education and science and technology portfolios have not only been unconnected with either the field of education or of science and technology but have largely been uneducated men, the word uneducated' being here used in the profound sense of the word Free Essays words 4.

Now, it is payback time. I shall be analyzing the situation using the neo-classical theory, as it is what the economists of the Pakistan government and the IMF are using to alleviate the economic instability of the country. Situated in the sub-continent, Pakistan is a low-income country, with great promise for growth Better Essays words These areas of the nation seem very different than Texas. I do not have any friends that have recently moved here from another culture so, I set out to my neighborhood Stop N Go. The clerks at this convenience store are all from other countries.

One clerk whom I have talked to many times, named Sohail Shah, always spoke of Pakistan I had been living in the largest city of Pakistan, Karachi, for the past thirteen years until my dad, who's a U.