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Furthermore, from the first time you submit work from AOS, your prepared essay evolves into a body of work that you feel comfortable taking into the HSC and adapting to the question. Remembering that AOS is not text based, but concept based, you need to have a thorough understanding of the nature of discovery beyond what your topic sentence will say.

This way, you can easily adapt your ideas about discovery to an essay question that might be providing a different spin on discovery than how your essay approaches it. Your understanding of discovery as a whole will help you with this. The best way to understand discovery in its many forms? Create as many "concept" statements as you can these are essentially the biggest ideas expressed in an essay , and then read as many concept statements as you can. If your essay is limited to the perspective of discovery being a catalyst for affirming views note: never limit your essay to this alone , you at least have a few different perspectives about discovery being transformative or challenging up your sleeve and ready to whip out.

This part here isn't about memorising though. This bit is about understanding. The next part is a little more memorising based. So, if your introductory concept statement is broad enough, you shouldn't have a hard time remembering your topic sentences to follow because they should be the young children born of the mother statement. There is usually a common thread through all of these.

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When I say memorised, I use the term loosely. If you feel comfortable with every single word memorised, that works well because you can spit the words onto the page via your pen without having to think.

If you are remembering key terms of the topic sentence and are entering without your concept "memorised" but instead, understood, you may find it very easy to adapt to the question, but you may find that you waste a small amount of time scraping through your memory for that perfect syntax you expressed in the essay sitting at home.

As for text related stuff - you have to remember the quotes. I could remember quotes easily because I made an enormous effort of committing them to memory at the beginning of the course for AOS and then at my half yearly, my trial preparation, in my trial and approaching my HSC exams, I was only refreshing my memory. I also tried to use quotes that had atleast two techniques attached. This way, each quote was fully loaded with technique and the effect it had so that my words were succinct and my evidence was strong. A quote for the sake of a quote stands out like a pimple on the end of your nose on the day of your last ever school photo.

Although that flimsy quote gives you word length, it doesn't give you any strength, and has the potential to threaten the integrity of the paragraph. Essentially, in terms of understanding: understand discovery and its potential ramifications challenging, affirming, transforming, etc. In terms of memorising: have a good go at memorising your concept statements for your introduction and paragraphs.


These need to be flexible to the question, but a strategically created statement would work seamlessly with a plethora of essay questions. Your understanding of the text in relation to discovery should carry the "effect" part across the line without too much memory work, but the memorising of quotes and technique will stimulate your understanding of this in the exam. Sorry we didn't get back to you sooner Chloe. As for the current and future students, ask away!

We are always happy to help out and with a stronger online presence in and beyond, you will be sure you receive assistance.

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Check out this video! Hi, I have an english discovery module essay to complete and I'm struggling to come up with a thesis statement for: Discuss how discovery can affect people in different ways. My texts are rainbow's end prescribed and the ex-child soldier advertisement for western sydney university.

I was wondering if you could help with this? Quote from: Reece7Burton on March 11, , pm.

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What i did was 1 pargraph on the character Gwen and 1 paragraph on Tom and 1 parargraph on the character from my related text. Quote from: katherine on March 16, , am. My structure for my essay on away set text and 1 related text the necklace : paragraph1: Gwen's whole process of discovery paragrah 2: The necklace: character's loisei before and during discovery P3: Tom's whole process of discovery p4: The necklace: the character's loisei's effect of discovery Is it good to split the process of discovery into 2 paragraphs for my related text on the character Loisei Initially i have 3 paragraphs in total so each captures their whole process of discovery but now i have 4 so im not sure how to split it.

Quote from: katherine on March 17, , pm. I hope this is the right forum to post on, but I am just looking for some general advice for finding and explaining techniques in my AoS essay. My set text is The Tempest and techniques is the area I consistently get marked down for I'm an advanced english student! Thank you!

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HSC Adv. Start by looking at the beginning stage of the point in the text and finding evidence from the text that shows this idea.

You will need to find techniques in the evidence that you choose, and it is helpful to have evidence that uses more than one technique. Try to find a variety of different techniques across the evidence you select for the different stages. Make some of your techniques more sophisticated, such as irony or juxtaposition, to show that you are able to identify more than just simple techniques like similes and metaphors. Explain how they show the point you are making about belonging. It is important to have an understanding of how you will be marked in the HSC, so that your preparation is focused on those things that will have a positive impact on your grade.

HSC markers actually use positive marking. They do not take marks away, but rather give marks for every criteria you achieve.

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You can access the criteria used by HSC markers by clicking on the button labelled Marking Rubric on the top menu. Zac mentons makebook in the video. Marking is no longer offered as a service. During this time, your practice essay should be a living document. You should refine it based on the feedback you get from your marked practice essays. Copyright Literatu Pty Limited. All rights reserved. Login Register. Introduction - General Essay There are many schools of thought as to the best way to prepare for the HSC essay on belonging.

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Select related texts well The HSC may require you to write about one related text, or two. Belonging has many forms and contexts Texts often feature the development of a persona's sense of belonging. Typically, the persona begins feeling alienated not belonging and alone and as the text progresses they develop a sense of belonging and connection, although there are many variations in the way that belonging can be portrayed. Belonging might examine identity, communities, social groups, possessions, relationships, cultures, common experiences, landscape and a sense of place, to name but a few.

Linking ideas is key The linking ideas you find across your texts must tie them to the concept of belonging. You will also need at least one point from your related texts. Expand on these points, by searching for evidence of them in your texts. Find textural techniques as evidence You will need to find techniques in the evidence that you choose, and it is helpful to have evidence that uses more than one technique.

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