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But there is no difference between them at all. Their absolutist behavior unites them, combined with their lack of scruples, mercilessness, empty rhetoric, well-timed opportunism, and their ability to twist words into saying the opposite of what they actually mean.

Granada, Nicaragua – Photo Essay

Our history, always regressive, stumbles over and over in the darkness, and the path it blindly follows is always the same—a circular route. Caudillos who always intend to stay in power forever, imprisoned in the sinister fantasy world of their minds.

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The temptations of caudillismo still existed in the s, the years of the Sandinista Revolution. Ortega was neither the most charismatic nor the most skilled guerrilla leader. He was appointed as a primus inter pares, President of Nicaragua, and Secretary General of the party for precisely that reason; he facilitated that balance, while power was divided among the regions. In exchange for impunity, now that Ortega controlled the courts, he granted his opponent—now also his ally—a constitutional reform that allowed the presidency to be won in the first electoral round with only 35 percent of the vote, the highest percentage Ortega had attained in the last three elections, all of which he had lost.

This is when the idea took shape, in his cloistered world, that he would never again allow himself to be defeated, and that, as of his victory in , power would be his forever. Power, by hook or by crook—an ongoing obsession. Daniel is here to stay!

Ortega’s electoral authoritarianism

If we do the math, from the triumph of the liberal revolution until he was overthrown, Zelaya was in power for 16 years. Somoza himself was also in power 16 years.

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His son, Luis, was in power for 7. His other son, Anastasio, the last of the dynasty, was in power for Ortega has been in power 21 years, surpassing the others by a wide margin. Like his Venezuelan ally Nicolas Maduro, who blames the U. These include a U.

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Courageous Leaders: promoting and supporting diversity in school leadership development — Cambridge, Cambridgeshire. The Maldon UP! Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Riot police at an anti-government march in Managua, Nicaragua, Oct. Benjamin Waddell , Fort Lewis College. Ortega with his wife and vice president, Rosario Murillo.

Fifteen months later, thousands of anti-government demonstrations had nearly toppled his regime. Lesther Aleman confronts Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega at a televised negotiation on May 16, Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Island Hopping in Granada, Nicaragua — Photo Essay One of the top attractions to do when visiting the colonial city of Granada Nicaragua is go on an island tour. There are over islands, and you can either do a tour, rent a boat and go island hopping.

The islands are tiny and close to one another. Love the tropical island feel yet, still being on a lake. Besides the tour, you can stop off at restaurants on islands and visit forts as well. Granada Nicaragua — Island Hopping. Written by Marina Kuperman Villatoro.

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