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In his last battle, Beowulf fights against the fire-breathing dragon and fights on until his very last breath. However, regardless of his bravery and dedication, Gilgamesh easily becomes obsessed with the question of death and eternal life as his quest continues. The haunting of Enkidu's memory drives him to the peculiar idea of finding eternal life. He is also highly emotional. Just the "movement through the trees" line 68 , the magnificent valley lines , and the animal pelts lines remind him of Enkidu and move him to tears.

He cries and grieves and mourns constantly.

Gilgamesh is greedy, irrational and inconsiderate. Without thinking about the plant's high value, he wades in the lake and carelessly leaves the plant to be eaten by a serpent. While Utnapishtim tells his tale about the flood, intending to make Gilgamesh think twice about getting eternal life, Gilgamesh falls asleep.

Once he wakes up, all he asks for is the secret that he had been searching for.

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He persists, like he did at the gates between the mountains. Beowulf is no better. He is also irrational and inconsiderate as well as greedy and superficial. The true reason why he sets out to help Hrothgar get rid of Grendel and his mother is his personal quest for glory and fame. Once he ascends to the throne and encounters the treasure-guarding dragon, he sets out immediately to slay it without thinking out the entire situation.

All he can think of is getting the treasure by hook or by crook. Although there are many pursuable comparisons within the two tales, the most apparent between the two heroes are that of faith, the men who encouraged them, bravery and the adversaries they both faced. Although Beowulf has themes of both Christianity and Paganism within the tale, Beowulf has a Christian faith that he often.

The scop in Anglo-Saxon times had a very defined role. A comparison between the scop in Beowulf and the scop in Widsith will more clearly define for us what that role was.

Compare and contrast of the Epic Gilgamesh

The verses of Widsith are the oldest in the English language, and form the earliest output in verse of any Germanic people. From here onwards he begins a comparison between the transitory nature of earthly pleasures and the eternal rewards of religion. Blithe heart cannot know, through its happiness, what hardships they suffer who drive the foam-furrow furthest from land.

For example, Hebrews are monotheistic, while Middle-easterners and Greco-Romans of early time periods believe in many gods. Writings from the ancient time period sketch these differences, as well as the many similarities between. Similar Essays Heroes And Sidekicks: Comparison Between Beowulf And Gilgamesh words - 3 pages returns to his kingdom, unsuccessful in retrieving the elixir that he sought after. Beowulf goes on a mini-quest as he travels to the underwater lair of Grendel's mother to avenge Aeschere's death.

The courageous Beowulf dives and reaches the underwater lair and successfully kills Grendel's mother. Beowulf manages to defeat the beast without any outside help from his warriors compared to Gilgamesh who needed support for Enkidu during his. Sandars and "Noah and the Flood," from Genesis, are similar, and different in many ways.

One of the similarities between these two stories is that they both took place thousands of years ago, and the difference between these stories is that the story of "The Flood" is part of a longer epic, "Epic of Gilgamesh", and "Noah and the Flood" stands alone. Also, like the creation stories of Genesis. The poem deals with mostly masculine elements like fight descriptions, depictions of armor and long inspiring speeches. However, the women characters in the epic also have important roles and they are far from being superficial, as it may seem at first.

There are several female figures. MartinezEnglish IV- Block December Literary Influence: From Paganism to ChristianityDuring an era when concepts that strayed from the norm were often dejected, the notion of Christianity was not yet an established belief.

Comparison and Contrast Essay

However, through transitional pieces such as The Dream of the Rood and Beowulf, individuals were able to be eased into accepting this foreign concept and begin a new age of spiritual belief. Both of. Other Popular Essays. A brief description of the pros and cons of joining the Euro, and the problems that may be faced by Van Gogh. Character in life. Essay contest.

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Development of Characterization n Beowulf, Gilgamesh, and the Iliad

King Arthur nor Gilgamesh forgot their faithful friends. King Arthur fought many battles with Merlin at his side, supporting him using magic to help Arthur gain a better understanding of the world. After Enkidu died, Gilgamesh searched a long time before finding the secret of eternal life, but he was unable to return it to Enkidu to restore his life to him. When Merlin was frozen from Morganna's twisted magic, King Arthur thought that Merlin deserted him, this is so because Merlin told Arthur that he was not going to help him anymore.

One day Arthur needed Merlin's guidance and so Arthur called out Merlin's name, this in turn brought Merlin to him. Another substantial similarity is that Gilgamesh was part god and the people of England considered King Arthur to be somewhat of a god. This is true because when Arthur became king, Camelot prospered and was born again.

Merlin said that Arthur and the land were one. Arthur was like the land because when he became king the land was rich and good. When Morganna, in the form of Guenevier, conceived a child with King Arthur, the land was practically dead.

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To replenish his strength and the land, Arthur needed to drink from the Holy Grail. When Bevidere recovered the Holy Grail, he brought it to King Arthur to drink from, it nursed him back to health and the earth was prosperous once again. This is why King Arthur was considered a god. This resembles The Epic of Gilgamesh because Gilgamesh was one-third human and two-thirds god. Gilgamesh was able to do what no man could do; he traveled to Mashu. Compare and contrast of the Epic Gilgamesh. Comparion of Flood Stories. Epic of Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh and Enkidu. Gilgamesh and Enkidu: Character Building Plot.